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by  Natalie  Stoltz  &  Nina  Frank

As a result of my own experience with bulimia and the insight I gained into weight issues, I started running a one day workshop, and the next step was the book. Weight is never the issue, although it may in itself be a problem, rather itís the way in which negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions manifest. 

I have a longstanding belief that if you donít accept where you are, you canít move from that place. Accepting doesnít mean liking, it means facing the reality, the what is and coming to terms with it. Acceptance is also not the same as resignation which is more like giving up, but an alive state of simply being able to say Ďyesí, and to take responsibility for how it is.

You may order books directly from me, the cost is R100.00 excluding Postage.

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